On Station

On Station Apparel began with a conversation; two members of the AC-130 gunship family discussing art and how it allows us to express our experiences in a way others can understand. From that talk was born the idea of designing quality shirts, hats, and other apparel that tell a story. Some tell tales of a proud heritage which began during Vietnam, others serve to remind us of jokes told overhead operations when time endlessly dragged on, while more collections call to mind providing danger close fires in support of the bravest Special Operations Forces the world has to offer, with all sweet and bitter memories that entails.  

In addition to sharing our own memories through the designs, merchandise sales will enable On Station Apparel to provide others in the larger Gunship Community, including supported forces, a no-cost venue where they can share their stories via BLOG posts or sales of their goods and art. We each have a story to tell and hope you find value in listening to ours. 

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The Stack

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